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2. several points following right after one another. a succession of poor harvests. opeenvolging سِلْسِلَه مُتوالِيَه поредица sucessão série die Folge række διαδοχή, εναλλαγήsucesión järjestikkus توالي sarja suiteרצף अनुक्रम, अनुक्रमण slijed sorozat rentetan röð, runa serie 連続 잇따르는 것 seka, eilė virkne, rinda berturut-turut opeenvolgingrekkefølgeseria پرله پسی والی sucessão suită непрерывный ряд sled, séria zaporedje niz fileöljd, rad การต่อเนื่อง birbirini izleyen şeyler 連續 безперервний ряд یکے بعد دیگرے ہونا یا واقع ہونا sự liên tiếp, sự nối tiếp nhau 连续

Rantaro and his mates have new mission when coming back ninja school. They've got to some sword with a mysterious electricity identified as “Heaven’s Sword”. While nations are during the war, the sword which can be said to offer the power to its operator controlling the whole world is stolen.

Logan arrives in Washington to fulfill With all the president, but problems he is been snubbed pursuing A final-moment cancellation. Soon after productively thwarting a possible scandal, Tom introduces Greg to great eating, whilst Shiv explores her options in D.C.

Princess Rebecca is seventh in (line of) succession on the throne → la princesa Rebeca ocupa el séptimo puesto en la línea de sucesión a la corona

rotation - a prepared recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel and so on.); "crop rotation tends to make a balanced need on the fertility of your soil"; "the manager had only four commencing pitchers in more info his rotation"

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Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated succession discussion amongst his young children, as being the board rushes to tell the media about Management contingencies prior to the inventory market opens.

The gradual substitution of one form of ecological Local community by A different, involving a series of changes especially in the dominant vegetation.

succession - a bunch of men and women or items organized or subsequent as a way; "a succession of stalls featuring smooth beverages"; "a succession of failures"

Quantum mechanics, science coping with the conduct of make a difference and light-weight over the atomic and subatomic…

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Follows the lives and households of 3 Grown ups dwelling and expanding up in America of America in present and past times. As their paths cross and their lifestyle…

The life from the Roy household as they ponder their long run as soon as their growing old father commences to step again in the media and leisure conglomerate they Manage.

"Succession" is elevated by Cox's switch. He appears like late director Robert Altman inside the role, and he provides a little bit of Shakespearean weight as he patriarchs the hell from his household.

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